Pikecraft – The System Set


Set of The System – Shallow Screw and Interchangeable Lead.

The System by Pikecraft are high quality shallow screws for softbaits. You simply add the Interchangeable Lead on the particular eyelet of these screws, to increase the sinking rate of the bait. The attachment eye is facing upwards to ensures an excellent swimming stability. The System is perfect when used in combination with the BKK BB-Trigger-21 to complete the rig of your softbait
Available in two models:

Light Big: 2x Shallow Screw Big + Interchangeable Lead 5-10-15-20 g
Light Small: 2x Shallow Screw Small + Interchangeable Lead 5-10-15-20 g

Heavy Big: 2x Shallow Screw Big + Interchangeable Lead 30-40 g

Made in Germany

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