BLACKBAY 10th Anniversary Serie

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This numbered series of rods is born from our experience, which allows to practice most of the modern pike fishing techniques.
Every rod comes with his Rod Sock.

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Pelagic Shooter is the longest rod of the series, measuring 9’0 “(270 cm) in two pieces. Its main features are the incredible casting capacity and its extremely easy way of use. This rod is mainly designed and developed for boat fishing, hunting pelagic pike in open water, where casting plays a primary role.
The particular action of the Pelagic Shooter, allows to significantly increase the casting range and not to overload the fisherman’s shoulder and back muscles, a detail that should not be underestimated, considering the long and tiring casting sessions typical of this type of fishing.
The perfect rod for casting softbaits at very long distances.

Length: 9’0 “ | Casting weight: 2-6 oz | Sections: 2pcs | Transport lenght: 140 cm | Power: XH | Action: Moderate | Weight: 235 g

Weed Grinder, is the most powerful and all-round rod of the series, 8’2 ”(250cm) long in two pieces. Its main features are an incredible power combined with a moderate-fast action, able give back an extremely pleasant feeling in any kind of fishing action. The perfect rod for fishing with all the main types of pikefishing lures: large softbaits, hybrid lures, swimbaits and jerkbaits.
Weed grinder is the perfect rod for boat fishing in any environment but well suited also for shore fishing.
Weed Grinder is the must have for the modern pike angler, which allows to fish, in the same session, completely different spots in both deep and shallow water: the perfect rod for fish any lures over big weedbeds or casting big-bait across deep drop-off.

Length: 8’2 “ | Casting weight: 2-7 oz | Sections: 2pcs | Transport lenght: 130 cm | Power: XXH | Action: Moderate-Fast | Weight: 220 g

Bay Sniper is the shortest and lightest rod of the series, 7’6 ”(225cm), made in two asymmetrical pieces. Its main features are his extremely easy handling and lightness. This rod is very well suited to countless uses in all “lightest” pike-fishing techniques. Bay Sniper is the ideal rod for fishing in small environment, such as rivers or small lakes, both from the shore and from the boat, perfect for medium-sized softbaits and hardbaits such as spinnerbaits, swimbaits and swim-jigs. During countless tests, Bay Sniper proved to be the ideal rod for bellyboat fishing, thanks to the perfect balance between length and handle. It is also perfect for fishing with medium-sized jerkbaits, thanks to his moderate action and the extreme easy handling while jerking.

Length: 7’6 “ | Casting weight: 2-4 oz | Sections: asymmetrical 2 pcs | Transport lenght: 140 cm | Power: XH | Action: Moderate | Weight: 190 g

The entire series have a moderate action, with different powers between all the models. This feature brings many advantages to the fishing action, making it extremely pleasant and more effective while casting and fighting the fish.

In any pike fishing session, casting bulky and heavy baits is an action repeated countless times, which overload the fisherman’s shoulders and back muscles, reducing their performance over time. This series of rods is developed starting from the idea to have not only a performing tool, but which helps also to increase the performance of the fisherman himself. The simple way with which this series of rods allows us to easy cast even large and heavy lures, is truly incredible. The rod gently accompanies each cast in every phase of the parabola, highly decreasing the possibility of errors or recoils, allowing a pleasant and continuous fishing action.

Anyone who regularly practice pike fishing, certainly knows how easily this large predator manages to unhook during the fight. There are many things that increase this possibility: the huge and fragile mouthparts, the wild attitude while attacking and fighting, the use of big baits that create unfavorable levers and the extremely stiff gear (rod, braid and tight drag). For all these reasons, over the years, we realize that the use of moderate action rods, but with an excellent backbone, highly decreases the chances of unhooking. The countless tests done on the water have shown that every Blackbay’s rods helps the fisherman during the fight, reducing the numbers of unhooked fish.

We chose to make all the rods of this series with a long average lenght, starting from a minimum of 7’6 ” up to the longest 9’0″. The longer length of the rods allowed us to create important handles, which are essential not only for increasing the lever during the casting action, but also for a considerable comfort in the grip. A greater length also guarantees greater power while strike the fish, allowing us to be even more effective in this critical phase even at long distances.

We favored the overall lightness of the tool, both in the choice of components and assembly style. The excellent balance makes these rods incredibly comfortable, not only during the casting action but also in the retrieving action.

Every rod is entirely assembled with Fuji components, both for the rings and plates, which guarantee resistance and reliability over time.